The Day When Video Takes Over The World


A very famous quotation says “Life is not measured by the breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away”.

In this busy world, it is really difficult to find such moments in abundance. So, every moment you can steal, you would want to capture it and cherish forever. Images are a good option to catch a snapshot.

But, good moments don’t really last just a moment; they are much more than that. Recording a video of those beautiful times not only enhances the experience but also creates a memorabilia which can be used to bring a smile on your face in your sad phase.

Some things are recurrent in life, but some happen only once in a lifetime. Spending a quiet evening with your partner is very precious and you can have it again and again. Going to a picnic with your near and dear ones is very exciting and vibrant. You can go several times. so, you would say why record them, let’s do it again.

But, don’t forget every instance will be different, every instance will be better than the other. And what would you do when your partner has gone away on a business trip?

However, some things don’t repeat themselves, e.g.: your child’s birthday. Now, you would say, it occurs every year. But, think again. Will your child’s fifth birthday ever be repeated? Then, some things really happen just once. First step that your child took.

Watch video on YouTube.

Just like a wedding that you never want to had it more than once. A great video of your most eventful day captures the best moment.

First time he called you mom. Don’t you want that sweet sound to ring in your ears again and again, year after year? You don’t want to miss to capture those “once in a lifetime” moments.

Many a times, our loved ones have to go away from us. You would love to watch every video that involved them. Video is such an important and inevitable medium to bring happiness. And you don’t really need to carry huge video camera sets to gift yourself that joy.

These days video cameras are available in miniature form also. You can use them to relive some of the best phases of your life. Videos need not always be abstract. You can use a video as you would use any material object.

Capture a video of two of you sharing some delightful time without telling your better half and gift it on any appropriate occasion. You will love that twinkle in the eyes and satisfaction in the heart.

Don’t wait, just do it.

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