How to use videos to improve your music playing

Learning music is one of the many dreams many people have. You can play music using musical instruments, or you can play music by using percussion. Whatever it is, music can be learned, and it is a skill which takes time to learn.

video concertOn the other hand, playing the music is not exactly a fun and easy thing to do. You need to practice, you need time to learn, and you will definitely makes mistakes along the way. If you go for piano lessons, your piano teacher in Singapore will definitely teach you the foundation of piano playing. At the start, you may feel happy because you can finally learn how to play! However, along the way, you will realize that things may get tough and you need to learn more and practice more in order to improve.

Same goes for violin classes. Violin may be one of the most beautiful musical instruments out there. Many people want to learn the violin and they want to find violin teachers in Singapore to teach them. Sure, there are teachers out there. And like the piano, violin needs practice too.

If you are wondering why your lessons may not be helpful, then we have a tip for you.

Use videos! As you already know, we are into videography and videos on our blog. You use videos for many purposes, such as recording for a big event like Wedding, or a company event that you want to remember and relive. But video can be a good tool to help you learn as well!

How to use video to learn music?

1. Record your lessons

You may have attended your lessons in person, but what you can do is to record down your entire lesson in video. You may have to ask your teacher for permission, but most will likely agree. When you record down your lesson, you can review the video later when you’re back home. When you struggle for a problem, you can simply look back at the video and recall what your teacher says.

2. Record your own practice

You may have practiced your instrument a lot at home. But the question is, are you practicing them correctly? Are you playing the right way? Because you are alone with yourself, there may be mistakes here and there. So, do record down your music practices and let the teacher see if during lesson time. Your teacher can help you better in this way.

3. Record your own performance 

Yes, since this is about music, you need to perform! Find opportunities to perform your musical instrument, and record them down. When you record down, you watch yourself in action. Don’t be too critical of your performance. Instead, what it and see how you can improve next time.

So here you go, the tips to help you play better !

If you love our video tips, let us know in the comments section. We will share more tips to help you take better videos!

The best way to relive all the fun in your company team building day

A team building day is a day where every employee of the company take a day off work and come out to have fun. The purpose of the fun is to get everyone together, away from the work environment and to do things that will build and bond the team to be stronger.

In every event, there will be tons of team building games Singapore that your team will play. You can have wet water games that will get everyone wet and dirty, or you can have fun indoor games that crack the minds of your people. Whatever it is, you can be assured that there will be tons of activities that will make you remember the times with your colleagues, thus build friendship and relationship.

When there is fun, there will be tons of memories. Now, how will you capture them to make sure that even after years, you can still relive all the fun and humourous games that you have gone through with your colleagues?

The answer is in recording the whole event down in Videos!

A full day of team event is probably 8 hours long with so many things happening at the same time. But with video, you can capture the best moments and keep them in a file. If you have a good videographer with you, they will know the best moments to capture, and patch them together in a montage. This montage, which is about 4 to 6 min long, will be the best highlights collection of the teambuilding event.

With this video, your team will never forget what happen on that 1 day of activity, and they can always come back to relive the moments, even after many years.

See this video below:


This is one example of getting the video taken during one of the team building activities. With the video taken, your team can relook back. If you are interested in one of the games, you can even watch the video to remember how to play it, and you can run it together for your future colleagues. Isn’t that the power of videos? This is way much better than just images and photos taken.

Talking about videos, if you are interested to get a professional to do the recording for you, you can let us know and we are keen to help you keep your memories of your best ever event!

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The Trend of Wedding Videography in Today’s Weddings

When it comes to wedding, there is a list of services that has to be included. Wedding venue, wedding photography, wedding cards, make up artist. Today, wedding videography is part of this list.

Wedding videography has become popular over the years. It is not the case of ‘want’, but it seems to be a ‘need in today’s weddings. Every wedding you went to, you will see a man with a huge video recorder following the bride or groom everywhere they go.

And there are reasons for this trend!

1) Social Media

Sharing photos is probably not even to showcase all the love story the couples have. Couples want to share more on their love journey, on how they get to know each other, how much they have gone through, and how they tied the knot on the eventful day.

What’s more, video sharing has been increasingly easier these days. YouTube has allowed hours-long videos to be uploaded. If you want high resolution, you can try Vimeo.

2) Noise and Laughter

There are something that photographs can’t do – recording the noise, movements and footage of the events. You also want to record down the speech made by the couple to his newly wedded wife, in-laws, and friends. These are speeches that will be said only once, and you want to record them.

And you definitely want to reminisce all these moments on your wedding anniversary days, reviewing the clips, your love story, and definitely everything in between, just like the one below.

3) More videographers on the ground

Wedding Videography and Cinematography can be expensive, because of the limited number of professional videographers, and only a small number of professionals can do a good work. What’s more, it can be expensive to hire a videographer to follow you the whole wedding day.

However, as the industry grew, more people are into this trade. With the availability of new technology and tools, people can pick up videography quickly. With a few years of experience and films under their belt, they can go professional. (Of course, there are many amateurs out there too!)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much will a video worth? I guess that can only be answered by the wedding couple themselves! If the video is good, it is definitely priceless!

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The Day When Video Takes Over The World


A very famous quotation says “Life is not measured by the breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away”.

In this busy world, it is really difficult to find such moments in abundance. So, every moment you can steal, you would want to capture it and cherish forever. Images are a good option to catch a snapshot.

But, good moments don’t really last just a moment; they are much more than that. Recording a video of those beautiful times not only enhances the experience but also creates a memorabilia which can be used to bring a smile on your face in your sad phase.

Some things are recurrent in life, but some happen only once in a lifetime. Spending a quiet evening with your partner is very precious and you can have it again and again. Going to a picnic with your near and dear ones is very exciting and vibrant. You can go several times. so, you would say why record them, let’s do it again.

But, don’t forget every instance will be different, every instance will be better than the other. And what would you do when your partner has gone away on a business trip?

However, some things don’t repeat themselves, e.g.: your child’s birthday. Now, you would say, it occurs every year. But, think again. Will your child’s fifth birthday ever be repeated? Then, some things really happen just once. First step that your child took.

Watch video on YouTube.

Just like a wedding that you never want to had it more than once. A great video of your most eventful day captures the best moment.

First time he called you mom. Don’t you want that sweet sound to ring in your ears again and again, year after year? You don’t want to miss to capture those “once in a lifetime” moments.

Many a times, our loved ones have to go away from us. You would love to watch every video that involved them. Video is such an important and inevitable medium to bring happiness. And you don’t really need to carry huge video camera sets to gift yourself that joy.

These days video cameras are available in miniature form also. You can use them to relive some of the best phases of your life. Videos need not always be abstract. You can use a video as you would use any material object.

Capture a video of two of you sharing some delightful time without telling your better half and gift it on any appropriate occasion. You will love that twinkle in the eyes and satisfaction in the heart.

Don’t wait, just do it.