The best way to relive all the fun in your company team building day

A team building day is a day where every employee of the company take a day off work and come out to have fun. The purpose of the fun is to get everyone together, away from the work environment and to do things that will build and bond the team to be stronger.

In every event, there will be tons of team building games Singapore that your team will play. You can have wet water games that will get everyone wet and dirty, or you can have fun indoor games that crack the minds of your people. Whatever it is, you can be assured that there will be tons of activities that will make you remember the times with your colleagues, thus build friendship and relationship.

When there is fun, there will be tons of memories. Now, how will you capture them to make sure that even after years, you can still relive all the fun and humourous games that you have gone through with your colleagues?

The answer is in recording the whole event down in Videos!

A full day of team event is probably 8 hours long with so many things happening at the same time. But with video, you can capture the best moments and keep them in a file. If you have a good videographer with you, they will know the best moments to capture, and patch them together in a montage. This montage, which is about 4 to 6 min long, will be the best highlights collection of the teambuilding event.

With this video, your team will never forget what happen on that 1 day of activity, and they can always come back to relive the moments, even after many years.

See this video below:


This is one example of getting the video taken during one of the team building activities. With the video taken, your team can relook back. If you are interested in one of the games, you can even watch the video to remember how to play it, and you can run it together for your future colleagues. Isn’t that the power of videos? This is way much better than just images and photos taken.

Talking about videos, if you are interested to get a professional to do the recording for you, you can let us know and we are keen to help you keep your memories of your best ever event!

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