How To Sell To People Older Than You

Today’s posts is an open sharing about my current career as a videographer. As you all know, I’ve been doing wedding videos for some time, and I’ve done many video shoots for events and weddings.

And most of the time, I have to deal with clients. My clients are people who are from companies, or whom decide on their personal capacity. My job is a client facing role. I have to meet clients in order to close deals. But the thing is… many people think that I’m inexperienced, or too young for my age. I’m just not good enough because they think I’m young.

Nonetheless, I still managed to get the sales most of the time.

Now, if you’re a new photographer or videographer, or want to do freelancing for the first time, and got this objection, don’t fret! You don’t need to make yourself old, or lie that you’re really old to get the sale. There are effective ways to get around this absurd objection.

Here’s an article I read online about learning how to sell to people who are smarter, wiser, and even twice your age. here’s the link. The article is written by a public speaking coach from Singapore – Benjamin Loh.

I find it to be a very empowering piece. Because the thing is… I started out getting bullied into accepting low prices. I was told I’m young, I just started out, I need to do work for FREE for exposure. The thing is… yes, I did work for FREE, and I did for the first 3 years.

And when I felt that it’s time for me to charge for my work, I’m again told I’m just too inexperienced! How can that be? Or rather, how much more experience do I need, than I can start charging?

I’ve created my own portfolio of videos, on the courtesy of my friends’s events and weddings, who graciously allow me to ‘experiment’ with videography when I started out. All these are really useful videos which I show to my prospective clients.

Now, I do have my own rates, and good clients who pay me a good rate for my work. It’s just that thinking back to the days when I get started, it just hurts me. I wonder how many new photographers or aspiring videographers have to go through that.

Just a quick summary on that article. If you are serious, go read every word in that article and apply it!

1. Do your homework

You have to know who you are selling to. In the article, they talk about corporate c-suite clients. For my job, usually they are wedding couples, or events organizers. They have their own concerns too. So it is good to find out more about their background, their needs, their desire. This make your job a lot easier later on.

2. Respect and Honour their time

This is really important, especially for people who values time – which applies to most clients. When you present your videography works, be short and sweet and straight to the point. Find out what they like, and present your work which best interest them. Don’t have to show all 100 videos you’ve taken before. Set parameters for discussion. And don’t beat around the bush when it comes to pricing too.

3. Don’t be a wuss! 

Wow. I really hope I learned this back when I first started. I was afraid of stating the price upfront. I was going around in circles, telling myself I’m not worth the price, telling myself I should charge lower, if not competitors will steal this job… many many other objections I created myself. You must be confident of your skills, and the results you can deliver. State your price confidently!

ok! If you want more, go read that article a few times.

If you want to learn how to present yourself better, so you’re more confident in selling, so you can charge higher fees (or at least the fees you’re worth), go and follow Benjamin loh’s blog. You can check out his presentation skills training too.

The Trend of Wedding Videography in Today’s Weddings

When it comes to wedding, there is a list of services that has to be included. Wedding venue, wedding photography, wedding cards, make up artist. Today, wedding videography is part of this list.

Wedding videography has become popular over the years. It is not the case of ‘want’, but it seems to be a ‘need in today’s weddings. Every wedding you went to, you will see a man with a huge video recorder following the bride or groom everywhere they go.

And there are reasons for this trend!

1) Social Media

Sharing photos is probably not even to showcase all the love story the couples have. Couples want to share more on their love journey, on how they get to know each other, how much they have gone through, and how they tied the knot on the eventful day.

What’s more, video sharing has been increasingly easier these days. YouTube has allowed hours-long videos to be uploaded. If you want high resolution, you can try Vimeo.

2) Noise and Laughter

There are something that photographs can’t do – recording the noise, movements and footage of the events. You also want to record down the speech made by the couple to his newly wedded wife, in-laws, and friends. These are speeches that will be said only once, and you want to record them.

And you definitely want to reminisce all these moments on your wedding anniversary days, reviewing the clips, your love story, and definitely everything in between, just like the one below.

3) More videographers on the ground

Wedding Videography and Cinematography can be expensive, because of the limited number of professional videographers, and only a small number of professionals can do a good work. What’s more, it can be expensive to hire a videographer to follow you the whole wedding day.

However, as the industry grew, more people are into this trade. With the availability of new technology and tools, people can pick up videography quickly. With a few years of experience and films under their belt, they can go professional. (Of course, there are many amateurs out there too!)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much will a video worth? I guess that can only be answered by the wedding couple themselves! If the video is good, it is definitely priceless!

P.S. Are you looking for professional wedding videographers? Wedding Experts feature the some of the best videographers in town. Check them out!

The Day When Video Takes Over The World


A very famous quotation says “Life is not measured by the breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away”.

In this busy world, it is really difficult to find such moments in abundance. So, every moment you can steal, you would want to capture it and cherish forever. Images are a good option to catch a snapshot.

But, good moments don’t really last just a moment; they are much more than that. Recording a video of those beautiful times not only enhances the experience but also creates a memorabilia which can be used to bring a smile on your face in your sad phase.

Some things are recurrent in life, but some happen only once in a lifetime. Spending a quiet evening with your partner is very precious and you can have it again and again. Going to a picnic with your near and dear ones is very exciting and vibrant. You can go several times. so, you would say why record them, let’s do it again.

But, don’t forget every instance will be different, every instance will be better than the other. And what would you do when your partner has gone away on a business trip?

However, some things don’t repeat themselves, e.g.: your child’s birthday. Now, you would say, it occurs every year. But, think again. Will your child’s fifth birthday ever be repeated? Then, some things really happen just once. First step that your child took.

Watch video on YouTube.

Just like a wedding that you never want to had it more than once. A great video of your most eventful day captures the best moment.

First time he called you mom. Don’t you want that sweet sound to ring in your ears again and again, year after year? You don’t want to miss to capture those “once in a lifetime” moments.

Many a times, our loved ones have to go away from us. You would love to watch every video that involved them. Video is such an important and inevitable medium to bring happiness. And you don’t really need to carry huge video camera sets to gift yourself that joy.

These days video cameras are available in miniature form also. You can use them to relive some of the best phases of your life. Videos need not always be abstract. You can use a video as you would use any material object.

Capture a video of two of you sharing some delightful time without telling your better half and gift it on any appropriate occasion. You will love that twinkle in the eyes and satisfaction in the heart.

Don’t wait, just do it.