Wedding Videography

You have a photographer with you for your wedding, why not a videographer too? A photographer and a videographer works hand in hand to create and capture the best scenes and memories on your wedding day.


By engaging a professional videographer,  you can expect the laughter, noise, cheers and tears to be captured in clear footages that will last a lifetime. Imagine you watching your wedding day film on your 10th or 40th wedding anniversary, with your grandkids. These moments will simply be priceless.


What you can expect a videographer to do for you:

  • Up to 10 hours of filming by professional videographers, who will capture the entire wedding event day in details.
  • Audio recording of day’s event such as speeches, laughters, cheers.
  • Guest speeches and recordings (using top quality microphone)
  • 3-5 minute teaser video
  • 1 hour video compilation into a film of the whole wedding day
  • Digital copies of all video footage

How much does a wedding videography cost? 


We have a few packages for wedding couples to choose. Our packages start from $1200 onwards, and this is the basic package that most couples take up. If you would like a customized package for your dream wedding, we can discuss about it and design a full videography package for you.

Indicate your interest! 

Your wedding may be a few months away, but our schedule are always booked! Do get in touch with us soon, and we may even do a bonus free pre-wedding love film for you to be screened on your wedding day.

We love to hear from you soon!